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Shipping Policy

At HummingHaus, we are driven by a commitment to the rapid shipment of quality carpets.  Our products are shipped throughout the week with the only exceptions occurring on Sundays and holidays.  Even better, all of our carpets and rugs are carefully packed to ensure they arrive in pristine condition, unaffected by the transit. We then carefully select the most trusted couriers in the industry for shipment. 

Calculating Delivery Charges:

While we strive to keep shipping costs exceptionally low, the cost will vary with each rug or carpet.  For orders containing three or more products, the total cost will be the sum of the charge for each product included.  Delivery fees are added for orders that are placed separately.  

Shipping Time: 

Each order ships within a week of the time that it was placed by the customer.  Shipping may take longer for products that are out of stock but will not exceed 6 to 8 weeks.  Please note that all shipments will be sent to the address specified, so carefully review it for accuracy before placing your order.  Otherwise, delays may result as we attempt to determine the correct address. 

Products that are Damaged during Shipment:

If a product arrives damaged or otherwise appears to have been scuffed during delivery, we recommend sending it back through the carrier.  Please do not accept the order first, as this will pass responsibility from the courier to you.  Once we receive the damaged product, it will be replaced promptly.  No additional charges for delivery or the damaged item will be incurred by the customer.