HummingHaus is a top-tier manufacturer of exquisite, handcrafted rugs.  We draw from the timeless traditions guiding the stitching of India’s world-renowned stylish carpets and ship them across the country and even the globe.  Since its inception in 1957, our Mirzapur-based manufacturing warehouse maintains a strict focus on quality rather than quantity.  We gather raw materials, including Silk, Wool, Hemp, Jute, Cotton and Linen, in their natural state from quality sources to stitch our handmade rugs in the traditional manner.  Our branches can be found in villages across India. 

Here are a few additional important details regarding HummingHaus:

In addition to products, we also provide services.  This is in addition to shipping our handmade carpets across the world.  We are also happy to accept custom designs for carpets and rugs.  Simply submit your design, and we’ll craft a rug within your budget.  Remember, we specialize in a variety of carpet and rug products, particularly handmade selections,that reflect cultural styles found throughout the world. 

Our Company Vision and Specialty

Our vision is that happiness radiates from the homes adorned with our carpets and rugs.  This is why we spend so much of our time and effort focusing on quality.  It is also why we provide our world-class artisans with the finest raw materials.  Our company’s leaders frequently visit the main warehouse and each of our satellite locations to carefully inspect the craftsmanship and manufacturing processes first-hand.  But it doesn’t end there: the last step before packing is to put each piece on display in our showroom for final inspection by our customers.