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Natural Textures

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The artistic flair of our rugs stems from the traditional weaving processes that have been refined and perfected over thousands of years throughout Central Asia and the Middle East.  The beauty and intricate designs of our rugs are a reflection of this history and the daily lives of those that craft them.

 Many researchers of our traditions believe that the art of hand-knitting rugs with raw materials began with nomadic tribes as means of emulating the warmth and comfort of an animal’s fur coat.  Whatever the true origins, the art quickly gained popularity throughout the region.  It became a creative way to visually reflect the historical and cultural aspects of society.  And it is a sentiment that continues to this day. 

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Our handcrafted approach doesn’t end with our rugs, our team of interior designers are able to guide you on making the best purchase for your home and needs. Consultations can be done in person, online, or in your own home.