General Care & Maintenance


Use the handheld attachment to vacuum your rug. Do not use high powered vacuums with beater bars. These will pull threads out of the rug.


Spills must be blotted immediately using a clean white cloth. Do not rub. Allowing a spill to set will make the stain more difficult to clean later, and rubbing can force the stain deeper into your rug’s surface.

Avoid over saturating a wool rug with water to keep dyes from bleeding. We recommend using lukewarm water to remove any stains.Once you have finished cleaning the area, use clean, dry towels to wick away all moisture.


Loose fibers are common in rugs, clip them carefully with scissors. Do not pull by hand.


Creases are caused by folding rugs. These will disappear in a week or two once the rug is laid flat. Try carefully reversing rolling the rug to settle creases.


Rugs recently removed from packing may have a natural fibre odor. This will dissipate in a week or so. 


Rugs may naturally shed loose fibers. This will dissipate during the first couple of months.


Rugs placed in direct sunlight will fade colours out over time. Rotate rugs periodically to balance fading throughout and avoid placing near windows.


Rotate rugs every three to six months to balance the wear in high traffic areas. This is handmade rugs / carpets from India. Each rug is created by an individual artist and has its own identity and design / colour variation, slight variation on these handmade carpet & rugs is not considered as fault but charm of this traditional process.

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