At Humminghaus, we are more than just a brand; we are a celebration of artistry, sustainability, and ethical craftsmanship. Our exquisite collection of designer carpets and rugs embodies a deep connection between our artisans and the natural world, creating not just products but stories woven with love and respect for the environment.

Celebrating Craftsmanship and Sustainability

Ethical Production Practices: Every rug at Humminghaus is a testament to our commitment to ethical practices. Our artisans craft each piece by hand, ensuring that from the loom to your living room, every step is taken with care for the people behind the product and the planet. This approach not only supports sustainable production methods but also ensures that each rug carries the essence of the artisan's touch.

Natural Inspirations: Inspired by nature and the vibrant world around us, our rugs reflect a palette that can only be described as a tribute to the natural beauty. Our Vibrant, Colourful, and Tropicana collections feature designs that draw from earthy tones, ocean hues, and the flamboyant colors of tropical landscapes, mirroring the environment in which they are made.

Sustainable Materials: We use natural, renewable materials to produce our rugs, which not only lessens our environmental footprint but also enhances the sensory experience of our products. The softness of wool, the resilience of jute, and the comfort of cotton are all chosen to ensure sustainability and durability, aligning with our ethos of ‘handmade with love’.


Designer Rugs That Tell a Story

Artisanal Creativity: Each Humminghaus rug is not merely a piece of decor but a canvas where traditional techniques meet contemporary designs. The Artisanal and Designer collections showcase patterns that are as unique as they are expressive, echoing the personal stories of the artisans themselves. From the geometric precision of the Coastal collection to the intricate patterns of the Classy line, our rugs are designed to be conversation starters and statement pieces in any setting.

Versatility in Design: Whether it’s the understated elegance of the Blossom rugs or the bold statements of the Beautiful collection, our rugs are versatile enough to complement any interior design style. They transform spaces and create atmospheres that are both inviting and inspiring, proving that beauty and function can go hand in hand.

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A Brand Built on Love and Respect

Humminghaus is more than just a place to buy a rug; it's a community where love for craftsmanship and respect for nature are woven into every product. Each piece is crafted with the intention of bringing joy, warmth, and beauty into your home, all while fostering a natural connection between you and the artisans around the globe.

Explore our collection and find the perfect rug that not only adds style to your space but also tells a story of love, craft, and sustainability. At Humminghaus, we don’t just create rugs; we create connections, one beautiful, handmade piece at a time.


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